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Welcome to a new era of decision-making.

InspireMe is a digital workplace that enables employees to better understand their business’ ecosystems, helps them make better decisions through the discovery of goals and insights, and allows them to focus on human-centered activities.

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In a complex world, increase your competitive advantage with ingenious features that generate “insights for decisions”.

“Our goal, at a minimum, is to equip managers with learning artificial intelligence that helps them understand a situation and offers better decisions while giving an explanation as to why, so that they may focus on more critical reflections or more human-centered tasks…”

Manon Plouzané, market shaper & product marketing manager at NeoInstinct

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Discover our Intelligent Enterprise Solution

The search and exploration engine for business insights.


The 360° view of your entire knowledge.

InspireMe’s IES is a new way of digitizing data and documents from knowledge-based companies. Its search and insights engine allows all employees to have a 360° view of their knowledge mainly thanks to self-organized maps. These maps are represented by similarities inspired by the function of the human brain in order to understand complex environments, at a glance. In addition, its ingenious features, such as the possibility of getting additional information on the same subject without requiring additional research, the inspiration tool that assists the user with keywords to find the correct information, highlighting dominant themes, the shades of colors indicating the number of documents located in each cluster… allows the user to get strengthened through the exploration of the best insights.

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Discover our Smart Business Modules

Ingenious features that help decision-making.

Image site InspireMe use case

Area manager

Thanks to InspireMe, the regional manager of a franchised company specializing in mass distribution can make his stores as efficient as the very best out there.

Image site inspireme use case 2

Supermarket manager

InspireMe recommends to the store managers what different steps are needed to increase the performance of their stores, thanks to its KPIs.

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Discover our technology that revolves around a catalog of self-organized, unsupervised maps.

Digitize your information into our map catalogs.

The foundation of the IES and SBM.

In a completely autonomous way, InspireMe’s artificial intelligence connects to a company’s and/or market sources and then captures structured and unstructured data (for example: documents, resumes, invoices, data sheets, photos, patents, articles, customer reviews, receipts etc.) Subsequently, our technology will prepare the data (ocerization, splitting, detecting anomalies, quality control etc.) in order to make it usable to generate KPIs, which will then will create a knowledge base in a map catalog. Finally, thanks to this knowledge base, we will be able to create analytical tools to obtain fundamental insights for decision-making.

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