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Store manager

Our IMMs are Intelligent Métiers Modules, developed to meet your complex business problems. The goal is to equip managers/experts/employees with an intelligent and learning tool to help them better understand any given situation and propose better decisions by explaining ‘why’.

Here is a case that was developed for an independently franchised company in the field of mass distribution that today has 41 stores (including 5 superstores).

Customer issues:

The company’s supermarket managers wanted to strengthen the loyalty of their customers, better understand their supermarket and have a better view of their sales.


  • 356 million tickets processed in 2019.
  • 12 billion data.
  • 22 KPIs generated per store per week.
  • Approx. 20 criteria to “rank” family clients.

Provision of an SBM allows them to:

  • Visualize the performance of their store. Example: Performance levels by aisle, by product family, by period, by schedule etc…
  • Follow a performance objective set by the Area Manager. Example: Do as well as store X.
  • Get automatic recommendations in order to achieve the set goal.   Example: The goal set for store X is to do as well as store Y in the bakery section, so the recommendation could be to offer discounts on country breads.


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