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InspireMe’s ISE is a new way to digitize data and documents from knowledge-based companies. The search and insight engine allows all employees to have a 360° view of their knowledge mainly thanks to self-organized maps.

Here is a case developed for an international air transport association that today has 1,400 employees worldwide.

Customer issues:

With a large number of documents that were archived, the executive assistant regularly needed to go there to get information. They were therefore looking for a tool to facilitate the search of both recent and old documents (hard copies). The data were not structured, not always in excellent condition (1945) and contained a large number of subjects (finance, security, environment…) within the same document.


We chose to ocerize their documents and to split them into several sections (each section = a different theme). Subsequently, InspireMe laid out all the dominant themes in a completely autonomous way and classified them in its map following the logic of “who looks alike assembles”. We then added some ingenious features allowing them to facilitate their searches such as by inspiration and the ability to find similar documents.

Provision of an IMM allowing them to:

  • Automatically classify and archive different types of structured and unstructured data.
  • Highlight useful information.
  • Find information instantly through the cognitive search engine.
  • Explore knowledge through the search engine.
  • Leverage all of the company’s documents thanks to the insights.
  • Watch over the market.


Now, all employees can use the 100,000 administrative documents to find answers to specific questions. For example, management might ask, “what have been the impacts of covid on aviation?” InspireMe would understand what they need, search through the vast repository of information on pandemics and other similar topics, and instantly provide a high-level insight. Through a set of related queries, management could therefore obtain a clear picture of the effects of covid on airlines.


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