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“Our goal, at a minimum, is to equip managers with a learning artificial intelligence that helps them understand a situation and offers better decisions while giving an explanation as to why, so that they may focus on more critical reflections or more human-centered tasks… “

Manon Plouzané, market shaper and product marketing manager at NeoInstinct

As you know, InspireMe is a decision-making tool. It provides a company with support that allows “decision-makers” to better confront a problem by having a better solution. This saves time for users since it allows them to anticipate needs and to constantly be one step ahead.

We are currently in an industrial era where we want to go as fast as possible and where we want to be able to make more informed decisions while understanding why. This is why we have this ambition to support professionals as much as possible in their decision-making, since from an ethical point of view it is essential to be able to explain why a decision was taken.

InspireMe will help professionals make the right decisions thanks to intelligent business modules that respond to complex issues. These IBMs are composed of insights that will make it possible to exploit the data thus allowing recommendations to help decision-making.

InspireMe is an artificial intelligence tool that is inspired by biology. It is an intelligent tool that will learn over time and that will facilitate decision-making thanks to its intelligent business modules. It is not only a tool in which we will add data, it is a tool that will exploit it to make explainable recommendations. InspireMe is much more than just a software, it is your virtual right-hand man.

InspireMe cannot replace the human since, as explained, it is a tool that facilitates decision-making and does not make the decisions. It is intelligent in the sense that unlike the human it has no intellectual limits that is to say that it has an opportunity to take into account a lot of data and exploit it. We ultimately aim to make our digital workplace autonomous but we can not and do not want to replace the human because of its unique and irreplaceable 6 senses.


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